Patchnotes 1.0

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    Patch Notes 1.0

    Dear community,

    For some of you, the start wasn't so appellative as pretended due to some unexpected crashes. Meanwhile, we are figuring out a functional solution for it and unfortunately, we couldn't take care of your demands earlier.

    With this patch, we finally bring good news. Those critical bugs might be solved, and we look forward to resolving every minor bug as quickly as possible. Also, everyone you use or abuse for performing the use of hacks/exploits will be banned.

    After this patch, the server should be stabilized and running smoothly. However, we look to hear your feedback.

    In today's patch we complete the following changes:

    • Improvements in our Database performance.
    • Fixed core crashes while teleporting/switching between CH.
    • Firewall updated. Applied some changes to block hacks.


    • Anti-exp ring doesn't need to be re-activated anymore after teleporting.
    • It's not possible anymore donate exp while the anti-exp ring is activated. All guild levels were set to 1.
    • The level limit description and strong/resistances on the dungeon overview now displays correctly.
    • Item-shop pet/mount rings now give the correct bonuses.
    • Christmas pack can now be dragged to the main inventory.


    • Switchbot can now be minimized.


    • Added an option to recover the password through website.
    • Forest dungeon is now available.
    • 61 shields can be obtained on Forest and Spider's Nest.

    Remember to Patch your Client.

    Moreover, in the next days we will be improving our multi-language system.

    Thank you for your comprehension!

    Best Regards,
    the Nexus2 Team