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    :: 1 - Accounts ::

    1. Users may only register one account. Having multiple accounts is not permitted;
    1.2 - In case there are multiple players connecting from the same computer and/or IP, please make sure to contact the Admin;
    1.3 - The impersonation of Nexus2 Staff members and Forum members will result in your account getting banned;
    1.4 - Your account is yours alone and you are responsible for any activity associated with it. You may not share your account with anyone;
    1.5 - Nexus2 Staff always has the right to ban a user when we judge it necessary;
    1.6 - DO NOT attack/defame the Nexus2 Team Members or this can result in a warn/ban for you;

    :: 2 - Posts ::

    2.1 - The main language of this board is English, if you wish to post in another language you can find a specific section for it on "Foreign" Section.
    2.2 - Show respect towards the Nexus2 Staff;
    2.2.1 - Insulting, flaming, ethnic/gender/racial discrimination towards any user will not be tolerated;
    2.3 - This forum is not a public market. You are not allowed to sell any type of products, services or accounts;
    2.4 - Do not post links to other metin2 forums/sites;
    2.5 - Please write in a way that reflects normal written language;
    2.6 - Spam is not allowed. Thi74959d1bf6385ac97ac30c162ceedbe2s means any message that don't contribute to the topic, containing less than 4/5 words or only emojis;
    -- Bump is only allowed for 2 months.
    2.7 - Creating a new thread after a moderator has closed a previous one on the same subject is not permitted and can result in a warning;
    -- You can send a message to the moderator that closed your thread to ask for a reopening. (Not guaranteed);
    2.8 - In-game bans, In-game warnings, Forum bans and Forum warnings are not to be discussed on the board. Contact the support;
    2.9 - The misuse of the Board Report System is not allowed and may result in warnings;
    2.10 - Only the creator of the topic can ask a moderator to close his/her post;
    2.11 - BUMPs are only allowed after 24 hours after the last reply;
    2.12 - Any topics created with a bad intention will removed and the creator will be warned/banned;
    2.13 - You are not allowed to make a double post, use the edit button;

    :: 3 - Format ::

    3.1 - You are not allowed to abuse CAPS LOCK, size/text colours/spoilers;
    3.2 - Do not use spoilers to hide any expression that is against the rules;
    3.3 - You should not abuse/use CAPS LOCK in the titles, only the staff is allowed to do it to announce something;
    3.4 - The title may contain a short description of the content;

    :: 4 - Shoutbox ::

    4.1 - Do not post links to other metin2 forums/sites;
    4.2 - Any type of links that include PORN is NOT allowed;
    4.3 - You are not allowed to abuse CAPS LOCK, size/text colours/spoilers;

    :: 5 - General ::

    5.1 - If any of our users is trying to threaten you via PM/chatbox, let us know, we will handle this as soon as possible;
    5.2 - Any provocations can result on a warn/ban;

    :: 6 - Profile Pictures / Signatures / Avatars ::

    6.1 - Signatures, Avatars and Profile Pictures cannot include or link to sexually explicit or graphically intense images;
    6.2 - Signatures cannot contain more then 500 characters;
    6.3 - Signatures may not contain more then 10 lines of text, this includes whitespace;
    6.4 - Signatures are expected to be written in the normal fonts without any use of bolding or bigger font sizes. Any use of excessive fonts may lead to the signature being removed;
    6.4 - Previously mentioned board rules also apply to signatures and avatars;
    6.5 - The board team can remove and/or edit any signature or avatar that does not fit these requirements without notice and warn if it's needed;

    :: 7 - Notes ::

    7.1 - These rules represent the minimum expectations of the Board Staff and will be changed if needed;
    7.2 - If you feel that you were warned for the wrong reason, contact the moderadator in question and if you are not satisfied you can contact the Nexus2 Admin;
    7.3 - The Board team can change these rules when judged and without warning if necessary;

    Feel free to contact any of the Nexus2 Staff Members.
    Best regards,
    Nexus2 Team