[GUIDE] - Lv.1 to Lv.60

  • Hello Dear Nexus2 Community!


    For every old and new player of Nexus2 - we will be introducing a lot of guides - some of them will be really useful for some of our Community and others won't be that much, that's why we still going to try to cover all sort of information from our Nexus2 World to try to expose it in a simple and compreensive way to our Community.
    Well, following this words, this [GUIDE] it's still something that can be update further in the future and this is only my personal opinion in how to start and how to figure out the most important parts.

    Let's START!

    First of all, arriving in Nexus2 you will have this item: 50187.png that will provide you a Full ItemShop Set for 7 Days!
         30334.png HairStyle Voucher - 5% Monsters + 5% Half-Humans + 2% Ignore Rupture - (7 Days)
         30335.png Weapon Voucher - 12% Monsters + 5% Half-Humans + 5% Metins - (7 Days)
         30342.png Costume Voucher - 5% Monsters + 5% Half-Humans + 2% Ignore Rupture - (7 Days)
         71128.png Lion Battle Mount - 10% Monsters + 1.500 HP - (15 Days)
         71145.png Amulet of Eternal Love - 10% Monsters + 1.000 HP + 10% EXP + 10% Metins (7 Days)
         71143.png Ring of Joy - 8% Monsters + 1.000 HP + 10% EXP + 5% Metins (7 Days)
          53008.pngKhan Pet - 10% Monsters + 500 HP

    After you equip every item from the 50187.png you can start LEVEL UP!
    With the amount of damage that you are dealing you can go directly to City 2 and level up to 30/35 - nothing special until there!
    After gathering some 71084.png / 71085.png / 70024.png you can start putting some bonus into all your equipments - Press "U" for Special Storage

    Reaching this point - I will ask you to turn yourself again to the LEVEL 30 - 50187.png that will provide you a Lvl.30 Weapon +9!
    After you pick your weapon - it's time to travel throughout the dangerous Nexus2 World - starting doing Metins / Dungeons / Small Bosses.
    And speaking about Dungeons - the next step after a 1/2 hours of Metin Farming - I would recommend to farm City 2 Bosses to drop: 16040.png + 15060.png
    After dropping / picking / buying this Items and a few more MetinStones I would recommend you to start swapping your items (initial ones) to something better:
         12220.png- 20% Orcs + 20% Reg. HP + 15% Wind Resist
          11220.png- 2.500 HP + 10% Abs HP + 15% Wind Resist + 50 Attack Value
         13020.png - 8/12 STR + Defense vs Blackout + 20% Orcs
         14100.png- 2.500 HP + 10% Abs HP + 15% Wind Resist + 20% Orcs
         15060.png- 2.500 HP + 10% Critical Chance + 20% EXP
         16040.png- 2.500 HP + 10% Critical Chance + 20% Reg. HP + 20% EXP
         17100.png- 20% Orcs + 20% Double-Items
         00290.png- 35 to 40DM - Stones +3
    Following this Item choice with these bonus that are essential - especially "WIND RESISTANCE" you will be able to farm all dungeons starting from Orc Maze to Baroness - (Guides Coming Soon)
    Press "F8" to find out the List of Dungeons Available - All Dungeons have 2 type of difficulties (Easy / Medium in early Dungeons and Medium / Hard in later Dungeons)
    Buffer Blessing.png & Swiftness.png - It's important to have at least the Buffer Dragon - it will help you a lot since the beginning - i'm sure you are aware of the buffs you can get from them.
    Doing all that and having spent a few hours you will be able to sell all 28008.pngand book_11.pngto any NPC - this will give you a good amount of farm - (Check Patch 2.1.6)
    After reaching this step and being able to farm without any problems - I would recommend you to level up to Lv.60 where you can find or swap to new items like: 14220.png +16220.png+17220.png
    This Items can only be obtained in Dungeon Boss Chest like:
           54696.png - Orc Maze Boss Chest
         54697.png - Desert Ruins Boss Chest
         54698.png - Baroness Boss Chest
    I would recommend you to level up in the V2 Spider-Dungeon - it's the easiest and safest place to Level 60!
    Biologist Mission is very important - watch the spoiler right bellow all missions and bonus you can get from Biologist: 20084-mini.png
          30006.png- 7% Monsters (Permanent)
          30047.png- 5% Attack Speed (Permanent)
          30015.png- 60 Defense (Permanent)
          30050.png- 50 Attack Value (Permanent)
    Monster Passive: passive.png - You can get more % of Monsters increasing this Passive - you can find all books in the Uriel.
          book_14.png- Monster Manual I - It will increase until M1
          book_15.png- Monster Manual II - It will increase until G1
          book_16.png- Monster Manual III - It will increase until P


    This is a small guide of a lot of things you can do, in the video you can see some Market Investigation I made taking around 5/10minutes and with a few hours of farm you can buy wherever you want and for sure you can reach wherever you want in Nexus2, ofcourse there is still some little things to add and in the future this GUIDE will be updated with new things that we will implement that will give you for sure different methodes of farm - I hope I was helpful and if you have any doubts you can ask me in Nexus2 Board - or contact me in Discord.

    If you have any suggestions for future Guides/Tips in Nexus2 - comment bellow and i'll try to deliver as soon as possible!

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    Best Regards,
    Nexus2 Team - SalKhan