The Nexus2 Diary - 4th Edition - The Guild "NoRules" [ENG]

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    4th Edition



    To start our 4th Edition of Today's Diary, we are counting with the presence of the "NoRules" Guild Leaders.

    Who are they? They are a guild that is for sure not entirely unknown to visitors of the Jinno Kingdom, it's the most dominant guild of the Blue Kingdom, which has a squad of players that have already delighted us and they will certainly make a huge impact in the race for the TOP1 Guilds in the future. NoRules is a guild that will certainly leave a bloody trail in all Wars that they will step on - it's a guild that despite being a "youngster" on the server have a huge companionship and an unbreakable persistence that certainly is growing and without a shadow of doubt with a crazy amount of will to win - this is one of the squads that will certainly win many points from opposing guilds and give a lot of headaches to their opponents!

    Today, we have the opportunity to count with the NoRules Leadership:

    - 25Nina

    Before starting the interview, I would like to thanks 25Nina / BSTROz / Fjay for taking a few minutes to answer our questions

    Also give a word to our readers, so they can comment on what they found about this and future suggestions for "The Nexus2 Diary"


    SalKhan: What's your name and how old are you?

    25Nina: My name is Daniela, and I'm 20 years old.

    BSTROz: Ricardo, 23 years old.

    FJay: Hi! My name is Nuno Martins, I'm 23 years old.

    SalKhan: How long have you been playing Metin2 and what is your career as a Guild Leader?

    25Nina: I started playing Metin2PT in 2012, due to the influence of my older brother (but I could only play when he was not doing it). I've played on several P-Servers, I've had times that I was used to play for months in a row, practically every day, but due to college I always had to interrupt unfortunatelly. I never had any guild of mine before this one, the first one that I belonged to was in 2018, but since then I have been a part of many others.

    BSTROZ: METIN2 was introduced to me by a friend since 2007. I started playing in the Shinshoo Kingdom (Reds), with a BodyWarrior (initially with badly distributed points) and after a few years I fiannly reached level 99, at the moment was the highest level possible. The Guild experience I acquired was through one guild made only by me, called STORMS, on a private server, where we became successful and became one of the best.

    FJay: I started playing Metin since I was 12, playing PT was one of my first computer games and I always loved it, I played for a long time, then I decided to give up and stopped a few years until I came back and jumped into the PServers. I was never a guild leader or anything like, in fact I always played Solo in Metin or with 1/2 friends, nothing more than that.

    SalKhan: What motivated you to create and join Nexus2 with your Guild?

    25Nina: Both BSTRO and I noticed that our Kingdom had a lot of people, but only a few active guilds, and having that in mind, we came with the idea of creating one of ours, in order to provide help, socializing and giving players opportunitys, to be even better, and so that we could be able to do it with them too. With 1 leader and 2 sub-leaders at the helm, we are currently the guild with the most influence in Blue Kingdom and we only think about moving forward and forward with this, in order to improve even more.

    BSTROz: I thought that Blue Kingdom had a need, together with my girlfriend (25Nina), we decided to create something different and revolutionize our Kingdom, so that it could bring value and scale the balance of Nexus2, so this project started with me and her, until we met FJAY, who joined us in that same night, then I recruited 8 more people, where 7 of them are still with us and at the moment we are more than 30 members.

    FJay: I was at home, doing nothing because of quarantine and suddendly a friend talked about this server and I started to play with him, later I wanted to start a guild in the blues since there were very few, until BSTRO and NINA had the same idea and asked if I wanted to join the project with them and I accepted as a sub-leader of what is NoRules now.

    SalKhan: What is the origin of the name "NoRules" and why?

    25Nina: The name NoRules, comes from the first guild that I belonged to, and at the time I loved both the leaders and the members and it was also the first one that BSTRO and I had together, and from all that, it was the guild that marked us the most and had the most meaning for us.

    BSTROz: The "NoRules" name is due to the fact that I belonged to NoRules on Metin2PT (whose leaders were Valquiria and Aguia), so we decided to pay homage to them.

    FJay: The name NoRules was Nina and Bstro idea, they chose it because it was the first guild they belonged to, I accepted it because I never had this honor.

    SalKhan: What is your Leadership Style?

    25Nina: I like to know everything that goes inside my guild, even though I am not as present as I would like to be, I know how to play when it is time for that, but I am mainly the type of Leader where I do everything I can to help my members and defend them against others until they prove otherwise. For me loyalty and trust are the most important points for both a Leader and for the members and I cannot tolerate those wo do not have these 2 points, because without them we would never have gotten where we got to.

    BSTROz: I like being a fun leader, but I am also a very serious person when it's necessary. My motto is and will always be "One for ALL and ALL for one", because nothing can be done without teamwork.

    FJay: I am a Leader who does not like people to see him as a leader but more as a member, because I believe that a guild is made by everyone but if something happens and it's necessary to solve problems and help others, i'm down to do it in the best possible way.

    SalKhan: What is your opinion about the Server and the direction it takes?

    25Nina: This is undoubtedly the server I liked the most so far, and I think it has been very successful and will remain so for a long period, with all the news and improvements that have been made, keeping interested all players that are playing already and giving even more interest to new incoming players.

    BSTROz: In my opinion, the server has everything to grow and has the means to continue doing it like this. If you continue with constant updates, helping improving our gaming experience, I believe it will be maintained for a long time. Regarding the server, this was the I've played so far.

    FJay: Since I jointed the server it has improved a lot and will continue to improve! I really like the server, I 've already sent many suggestions that I think will improve even more but it's taking a really good turn and I hope it continues to rise!

    SalKhan: In your point of view, which guilds could be your adversarys and why?

    25Nina: For me any guild is an opponent, from the ones that started now, to the oldest ones. It's possible to see that the oldest ones are very good, and at the moment they are the main enemy's, but neither can we devalue the lower because they may surprise us in the future.

    BSTROz: I don't think I really have any opponents, but I have goals that I intend to achieve, and I hope one day I can say that we are the best guild of NEXUS2!

    FJay: All guilds are opponents! In all passed situations it was always been like this, we were still growing in relation to the others but in the end we will get there and we are angry for fun playing more and more.

    SalKhan: As the Blue Kingdom representants, which Kingdom do you consider to be more evident and why?

    25Nina: The Yellow Kingdom for me is the one that is most evident, both in terms of PVM and PVP, because they have the best guild of the server so far.

    BSTROz: The Kingdom that I consider most evident is the Yellow Kingdom, for the simple fact that they have the guild that make all guild bosses and have the best PVP.

    FJay: The Yellow Kingdom has a very strong guild in all aspects! But the Red Kingdom is not far behind either! And one day I hope we get even better!

    SalKhan: In the near future, is there a guild you want to face in GuildWars, if so, which one and why?

    25Nina: I hope to be able to face all the guilds in the GuildWar, because not only we would be reaching the maximum state of the game, but it most be done with an healthy rivalries between guilds to be willing to improve even more not only the PVM but also the PVP.

    BSTROz: In the near future, I wanted to face all guilds, as this is a game and I think that through PVP we will all have a lot of fun.

    FJay: Yes, all of them! It is my first experience in guilds but as a Solo Player, I have always enjoyed dueling everyone and being victorious in all duels. About GuildWars my will will not change, we still have a lot of work to do but the goal is the same!

    SalKhan: With Joy and certainly some Discomfort, do you have any advice for the new guilds to come?

    25Nina: My advice is not to never give up, do not think that if your not able to be better than the highest guilds, believe me that with dedication and patience you will go far.

    BSTROz: The biggest advice I have to give is to be persistent because everything is achieved with time and if you continue you will see that everything is possible, just have some dedication.

    FJay: Play your game, evolve and above all don't give up, if your having a hard time going stuff! I would like to see new guilds joining like us, especially in the Blue Side!

    SalKhan: DO you want to leave a message for the Nexus2 Community in the present and the future?

    25Nina: Don't be discouraged if you don't get something, if it's difficult, or if someone upset you.. This game has UPS and DOWNS and that's what motivates us to turn the game around and try to be better each day

    BSTROz: Our present may not be the most smilling, but I hope that our future has more light and that this server continues with joy, motivation and many new things for us to do.

    FJay: I want you not to give up on the server and to help in every way you can! Let's see this server evolve in the best possible way!

    SalKhan: And finally, what does your eyes say?

    25Nina: We will reach so far!

    BSTROz: Forward is the way to go!

    FJay: That the "NoRules" still have a lot to say from now on! You haven't seen anything yet!

    And we have reached the end of the 4th Edition of the Diary of Nexus2.

    It is extremely necessary to thank you all for the time taken to make this interview by NoRules Leadership.
    Certainly another GUILD that will join the countless Guilds and prove their VALUE in the Arenas of Wars and raise the Blues flag to the top of Nexus2!
    It was understood that if you are blue, NoRules is certainly a choice to take into account.

    I will count on NoRules in a future Guild Wars update! - Prepare your weapons!

    Thanks again to you all 3 for making this possible - and thanks for the 150+ views in the last interview!
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