The Nexus2 Diary - 1st Edition - "Runah Interview" [ENG]

  • The Nexus2 Diary
    1st Edition


    "Runah Interview!"

    Welcome my dear Community!

    To start our 1st Edition of "The Diary" we have the pleasure to have Nexus2 as the pioneer.
    Nexus2 at the moment counts with 3500 players daily and an average of 1000 players constantly, still some slow numbers that are growing faster by day, this same server Nexus2 was created and developed by Runah and for a big part of us, it developed into a real healthy addiction

    And without a shadow of doubt that in difficult times that we live due to the expansion and danger of this world epidemic disease, nothing better than being at home and be able to challenge and conquer all kingdoms in the Nexus2 World, killing and defeating all monsters and waiting silently to devastate future dungeons, maps and levels to come!
    But stopping with pep talks, let's start the interview that we are waiting for!


    First of all, I want to specially thanks Runah for taking a few minutes of his time for this interview, to show how much he cares a wants to give a message threw an initiave to all players.
    And I also want to thank our readers for taking the time to give us feedback and support this, and for spending some of your time to know more about our DEV.

    Salkhan: What's your name and how old are you?

    Runah: My name is Hugo Carvalho and i'm 23 years old.

    Salkhan: Tell us a little bit more about your career as a DEV/Programmer and your history around Metin2?

    Runah: I started my journey as a Metin2 DEV back in 2010.
    The first project I was involved in was Nexus2 (National - Portuguese Server), back in 2014, I was only 17 years old. Unfortunately the developer responsible for the project abandoned it for personal reasons and at that time I didn't had access to the source code and couldn't do much, so the project died a few weeks later.
    Speaking a bit more about it, the developer that abandoned the project and the time, passed it on to another DEV, that unfortunatley didn't had much time and only after all that sequence of events the project was 100% in my hands, but it was too late, the server had too many problems, I still did a lot of maintenance that actually ended up solving almost everything, until the project became unsustainable due to the fame it had and I gave up on it.
    I decided then to get back to work and created a new server that was 100% mine, is name was "MT2Quantum", I opened him for 4 years in which only I developed, went quite well, got to be in the Portuguese PServers the TOP1 for a few good months, until my ambition increased and I decided to start an International server.
    During all this time I met a lot of people with great potention and decided to join them into my team and to create an unique international server. And that's how Nexus2 International was born.
    I am proud to say that until this date, I helped countless PServers, I'm even able to say that 90% of the Portuguese Servers had my hand on it, even if it was with a system, a unbug or whatever.

    Salkhan: What's the reason for the Nexus2 creation?

    Runah: Since the first server, the idea of an International server was very present, I was always extremely ambitious as a person and I always wanted more and more, I even considered at the time working with Gameforge until I realized that Gameforge had no hand in what it was developed for Metin2 and I certainly wouldn't work for Webzen. So I decided to start this project.

    Salkhan: Having such a great International server, what's the philosophy behind to surpass each day?

    Runah: Being responsible for an International Server is not easy, having to explain everything to everyone and being responsible for thousands and thousands of players daily is quite exausting and extremely stressful. I guarantee you that this isn't made for everyone and to develop a project like this with this magnitude, answering every day dozens of tickets, hackers, working 24/7, and it never ends, I need to be always in alert and be ready to if something happens to get my hands on work. I'm always waiting for that call while I'm slepping saying that the server went down or that something happened.
    This stress has already given me health problems that are nowadays controlled, I had to stop being at the PC for so long, I needed to go out and relax a little and not be constantly connected to the server and the "Internet" for the good sake of my personal health.

    Salkhan: What do you think of the current state of the server? Knowing that the gorwth is remarkable by day.

    Runah: The server had its problems, as every server has, the openings with a few bugs that we had didn't helped, we lost the trust of many players, we went threw a time were we thought that the numbers wouldn't stop falling. But my commitment and the team's as well has always been so great. We worked too hard to let the server die, we decided that by continuing with the updates the players would come back and restore the Community's trust. And thank God, that is happening and today we are growing by day. Hundreds of new players joining and the fact they decide to stay and play it's good.

    Salkhan: Knowing that in this Metin2 PServers world, your actually well placed, but does the competion have an effect on you?

    Runah: Competition will always exist, wherever in Metin2 or any job out there. We have to look at this as a big company with unmet customers. The big difference is that the servers usually end up getting tired, start to slouch, lose their will, the number of updates goes lower and then they start losing players and closing the server. So the trick is this, not only to release updates, but to release quality updates. The best promotion is not streamers, forums or paid advertising, the best promotion is the community speaking with their friends and asking each one to play and to join. We always strive to listen to the players suggestions and that is what we will continue to do so. Therefore, competition will never be a problem.

    Salkhan: The server have a little more than 3 months old, and is actually one of the largest International servers in duration too, does this scare you somehow?

    Runah: No, it doesn't scare me, I'm used to it. I never intended to have a server for a short time, any of my previous server had a short time. So as I always said, as long as I can sustain the project, it will stand.

    Salkhan: What are your long-term projects for your personal life and also about the Nexus2?

    Runah: I have many projects in my head and I have thought about many others throughout my life, I started programming at the age of 6 and getting involved very early into the online world. I worked for more companies and had more customers (outside the Metin2 world) than many people have in a lifetime. Counting from, Web Projects, Applications, Network among many other stuff. I am also involved in a project (Anti-DDOS) that is still in BETA and that could be the next CloudFlare, if not even bigger. We have the team for that at least. It is no accident that Nexus2 never had problems with DDOS, we can even say proudly that Nexus2 is one of the few if not the ONLY relevant server that has never had downtime due to DDOS.

    Salkhan: With the perfomance/creation of past projects and the level does projects leveled you as a DEV, do you think this can put more pressure on you for possible negative situation in the future?

    Runah: Pressure is always present. Past projects will never be a problem, the people's mouth is and will always be to big. But only those who were actually involved in my projects know how good they were and how much I gave in each one of them. Does same projects gave me enough experience and knowledge to make Nexus2 open to the public today. Negative situations will always exist, regardless of how well you work and how good the project is. What really matters is to deal with these situations in the best possible way and correct them if needed as soon as possible.

    Salkhan: With joy and certaintly with some annoyances, with everything you learned from the past, can you send a message to the Nexus2 Community?

    Runah: Well, i could say a lot, but I'll simplify.
    Whatever the gaming project, however small or larger, patience is the most relevant word. And patience have the same value for both side. Wheter for me as a developer or for you as players. Sometimes the patches don't come when we want them, sometimes it takes a bit longer than what we expect, sometimes we even think we did it well and tested everything and it still goes wrong. But it is part of that, it happens in the largest companies in the world, so we can expect the same in smaller projects like this one. Because having patience will make this project work, and we are working hard and daily so that everything works out the best.

    Salkhan: Do you want to leave a message for the Nexus2 Community in the present and for the future?

    Runah: I want to do somethin that, due to my mistake, I only do when it is usually too late. But this time I'm right on time! I want to thank all the players who play and who decided after all to give this excellent server a chance. I want to thank the whole team for their commitment to the project and for the motivation they gave me. I want you to keep trusting this project, same as trusting me and the other dev's. Only and always believe on Team's words and not silly rumors created by players, unfortunately we already suffered with this in the past and recently in Nexus2, but all of you were stronger and that is the most valuable thing. Thank you!

    Salkhan: And to finish this interview, what does your look is saying?

    Runah: My look is saying as a 23 years old kid that I am, he tells me that I have to keep investing in my projects and in what i believe and for that same reason he tells me that the Nexus2 will have a bright future!

    And we have finally reached the ned of the 1st Edition of the Nexus2 Diary.
    I would like to thank you again for the reading it, and also for all the well-prepared answers from our DEV Runah, who gave us the opportunity to know a little bit more about him and the way he works, we also had the chance to know about the future of Nexus2, and looking at his answers it leves us quite happy knowing that we will have the server online for many months and months and if so, years of server and that we will be here supporting them as players and the team will support players as much as we can, we can promise giving the liter for this server, and above all I can speak on behalf of community and speak mainly on behalf of those who like the project we are thankful to everyone that keeps working in the project and day by day is getting things done, and thanks from now, for the future updates that we will have.

    Thank you to all our readers!
    You can leave a message in the comments, suggestions on what can we do in the future editions of the Nexus2 Diary, potential guests, team liders, situations in-game and much more!
    You can also send me a private message via Discord with questions you would like to be asked of potential guests for interviews,
    A big thank you, from your dear gamemaster


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