• Game Rules

    By signing into Nexus2 you agree that you have read and agreed to the following rules.

    1# [ NAMES ]

    • Any name based on race/ethnicity/religion or offensive, inciting hatred won't be tolerated in all sorts of nickaname-situation.

    • We have the right to edit/modify nicknames if they don't follow the rules.

    • Any characters or guilds imitating or moking Staff will result in immediate lifetime-ban.

    • Using Staff Members names or trying to have something close to it, is not allowed and ban worthy.

    2# [ BUG EXPLOITS ]

    • If you are aware of any bug, we recommend you to report it to a staff member, any abuse will be punished.


    • Cheating isn't allowed in all sort of ways: (hacks, bots, macro's - you name it)

    • It is forbidden to use any type of virtual machine to enter on Nexus2


    • You are 100% responsible for your account.

    • Any type of robbery, we can take actions against the thief but we won't give back any type of items.

    5# [ BEHAVIOR ]

    • You are not allowed to use any mean of harmfull, threatening, abusive, anti-gay, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful,

    racial, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, harrasing towards a Staff Member or Player in Nexus2, the same way of provoking and spamming.

    • Spreading private information or rumors from a Player or Team Member in all sorts of public communication is strictly prohibited.

    • Spamming messages isn't allowed.

    • Any type of scam is prohibited.

    • When discussing a case regarding any issue with the game or your account, remember to be polite and courteous.

    • Insulting, use of foul language, spreading rumors or implying corruption without solid evidences may lead to heavy sanctions which can end up with the suspension of all your accounts.


    • You are not allowed to promote any type of Metin2PServers or anything else not related with Nexus2.

    • All type of promotion with any mean of harmfull, threatening, abusive, anti-gay, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial,

    anti-religious, anti-ethnic, harrasing is strictly prohibited

    7# [ GUILDS WARS ]

    • Intentionally boosting guild points by making war with secondary guilds or even dying losing in purpose is strictly prohibited.

    • Any type of bug-use in a guild war is forbidden.


    • Killing or attacking a Promoter while he's on Stream is forbidden. ( If he attacks you - you have the right to answer ).

    • Stream-Sniping or any sort of outside situation against a Streamer is forbidden.

    • Promoters are not allowed to use any type of insults/difamation against Staff/Nexus2/Guilds or Players


    • It is forbidden to sell and buy accounts/items or any type of virtual currency or real currency trades.

    10# [ LANGUAGE ]

    • The only language allowed in call-chat is ENGLISH - for the moment.

    Nexus2 - Reservers the Right Nexus2 reserves the right to complete or change these rules without previous notice.

    They can also be changed/adapted when dealing with special cases that are not covered by the current rules

    Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding the game rules.

    Best Regards,

    **Nexus2 Team**

    Feel free to contact any of the Nexus2 Staff Members.

    Best regards,

    Nexus2 Team