[OFICIAL] Nexus2 Coming Soon

  • Hello everyone and welcome to Nexus2!

    This will be the first official post and we will provide all the necessary informations.

    About Nexus2... A server quite expected for a long time for many. We've been working for a few years now and it's finally starting his journey.

    About the team... We are a group of portuguese programmers, designers and players with a lot of ideas, experience and very professionals and we think we can take Internacional Metin2 to a whole new level.

    Server Informations:
    - Type of server;
    Middle / Oldschool;
    - New features;
    Multi-language (of course).
    Smooth gameplay.
    Lag free.
    Rate 5 security system with 2 factor authentication.
    A lot of features that we will hide for now and hopefully tell you soon.
    - Systems;
    More than 40.
    Unique Systems.
    Some already used by official and private servers.
    - Dungeons;
    Unique Dungeons.
    Low / medium / high level (We are working on a unique dungeon system to have different dungeon levels inside every dungeon, like easy / medium / hard);
    - Farm;
    We all know how annoying farm can be, so we will make our best to create an attractive farm system.
    - Story;
    Sometimes story can be annoying and players have been ignoring it for a while now, so we will make sure you have a nice and interesting story;
    - Rankings;
    PVM and PVP with rewards.
    Damage, time, counters and much more to compete for.
    - Events.
    Unique events.
    Made for every level and type of player.

    These are just general informations and just a few of many things that we are preparing to launch.

    For those who are already excited about this project and wanna know when is it being released, we don't wanna give you false hopes so we will not reveal a date for now, we will just tell you that we are working hard to release in the summer.

    You can follow up every update and every information here.

    Soom we will launch the board and will open applications for Translators and GMs (we are searching for GER, FR, RO, TR and PL for now).

    Please, feel free to share this post and tell your friends about it!

    Best regards,
    Nexus2 Team